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The Word - Isbn:9781429915144

Category: Fiction

  • Book Title: The Word
  • ISBN 13: 9781429915144
  • ISBN 10: 1429915145
  • Author: Irving Wallace
  • Category: Fiction
  • Category (general): Fiction
  • Publisher: Macmillan
  • Format & Number of pages: 624 pages, book
  • Synopsis: The classic thriller of an ancient manuscript, a secret society committed to hiding an explosive truth, and the man who must uncover that truth--if he can stay alive long enough In the ruins of the ancient Roman seaport of Ostia Antica, an ...

Another description

Evolution of the Word by Marcus J


Everyone knows the New Testament begins with the Gospel of Matthew, but how many know Matthew was actually one of the later books to be written? (It wasn’t even the first Gospel!) But Evolution of the Word is not your typical New Testament.

Marcus J. Borg, esteemed Bible scholar and bestselling author, shakes up the order of the New Testament as we know it by putting the books in a completely new order—the order in which they were written. By doing so, Evolution of the Word allows us to read these documents in their historical context. For the first time, see how the core ideas of Christianity took shape and developed over time.

Borg surveys what we know of the Jewish community of Jesus followers who passed on their stories orally. Into this context emerges the apostle Paul, whose seven authentic letters become the first collected writings that would later become the New Testament. Borg offers helpful introductions for each book so that as we read through these biblical documents, spanning over a century in time, we see afresh what concerns and pressures shaped this movement as it evolved into a new religion.

In this groundbreaking format, Borg reveals how a radical and primitive apocalyptic Jewish faith slowly became more comfortable with the world, less Jewish, and more preoccupied with maintaining power and control. Evolution of the Word promises to change forever how we think about this historic work.




Usborne books from Last Word Resources


• A yellow duck to find in every picture

• Easy phonetic guide to pronunciation

• Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright

Get children started in French with this new edition of a long- standing favourite. Completely revised and in a larger format, it is filled with Stephen Cartwright's humorous, detailed illustrations. Pictures are labelled with the French word and definite article to encourage direct association of the word with the object.

English £ 4.99 ISBN: 9780746041277

French £4.99 ISBN: 9780746041802

German £4.99 ISBN: 9780746058220

Spanish £4.99 ISBN: 9780746051047


* Listen to all the words on the Usborne Quicklinks Web site

* Humourous illustrations by Stephen Cartwright

* Lots of opportunities for conversation practice

A delightful picture word book - easy for young readers to learn new words - and they can also listen to all the words on the Usborne Quicklinks Web site. Stephen Cartwright’s bright and amusing pictures provide lots of opportunities for conversation and there is a full BILINGUAL list of all the words in each book plus an easy- to- use pronunciation guide.

"Another winner from this bright, imaginative publishing house." The Yorkshire Post

English £ 5.99 ISBN: 9780746023020

French £5.99 ISBN: 9780746023044

French Mini edition £3.99 ISBN: 9780746052457

German £5.99 ISBN: ISBN: 9780746023068

German Mini edition £3.99 ISBN: 9780746052471

Italian £5.99 ISBN: 9780746037768

Italian Mini edition £3.99 ISBN: 9780746052488

Spanish £5.99 ISBN: 9780746023082

Spanish Mini edition £3.99 ISBN: 9780746052464

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There - s a Word for It: The Explosion of the American Language Since 1900 (2010) by Sol Steinmetz torrent download

There's a Word for It: The Explosion of the American Language Since 1900 by Sol Steinmetz

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Crown; 1 edition (April 27, 2010)

Word geeks (1984), rejoice! Crack open these covers and immerse yourself in a mind-expanding (1963) compendium of the new words (or new meanings of words) that have sprung from American life to ignite the most vital, inventive, fruitful, and A-OK (1961) lexicographical Big Bang (1950) since the first no-brow (1922) Neanderthal grunted meaningfully.

From the turn of the twentieth century to today, our language has grown from around 90,000 new words to some 500,000—at least, that’s today’s best guesstimate (1936). What accounts for this quantum leap (1924)? In There’s a Word for It, language expert Sol Steinmetz takes us on a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (1949) joyride (1908) through our nation’s cultural history, as seen through the neato (1951) words and terms we’ve invented to describe it all. From the quaintly genteel days of the 1900s (when we first heard words such as nickelodeon, escalator, and, believe it or not, Ms.) through the Roaring Twenties (the time of flappers, jalopies, and bootleg booze) to the postwar ’50s (the years of rock ’n’ roll, beatniks, and blast-offs) and into the new millennium (with its blogs, Google, and Obamamania), this feast for word lovers is a boffo (1934) celebration of linguistic esoterica (1929).

In chapters organized by decade, each with a lively and informative narrative of the life and language of the time, along with year-by-year lists of words that were making their first appearance, There’s a Word for It reveals how the American culture contributed to the evolution and expansion of the English language and vice versa. Clearly, it’s must-reading (1940). And not to disparage any of the umpteen (1918) other language books on the shelf—though they have their share of hokum (1917) and gobbledygook (1944)—but this one truly is the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas (1920s).




Domi s World of Word

Domi's World of Word

I am Library Professional with 7 years of experience of academic libraries and 10 years of experience as a Sessional Translator from English and Czech to Slovak. After achieving Level 3 Community Translation Certificate I have been working in the area of Public Services translation for Slovak community in England.

I have dealt with the translations from the area of Health, Benefits, Social care, Education, Immigration in UK and translated 7 full-length books, related to Health, Lifestyle, Popular Science

I translate from:
Published translations
Schneider, Ernest, Dr. Encyklopédia prírodnej liečby / E. Schneider, Martin: Advent Orion, 2005, 700 p. ill. ; 26 cm, ISBN 8080710651
Gelabert, Ramon C. M.D. Ph.D. Migrény a iné bolesti hlavy / Ramon C. Gelabert. Martin: Advent Orion, 2007, 69 p. ill. ; 25 cm, ISBN 8080710958
Pamplona-Roger, George D. M.D. Rastliny pre zdravie / Ramon C. Gelabert. Martin: Advent Orion, 2009, 381 p. ill. ; 25 cm, ISBN 9788080710972
Gelabert, Ramon C. M.D. Ph.D. Cukrovka. moderná medicínska a preventívna liečba / Ramon C. Gelabert. Martin: Advent Orion, 2009, 143 p. ill. ; 25 cm, ISBN 9788080711177
Johnsson, William G. Srdce plné milosti / William G. Johnsson. Martin: Advent-Orion, 2011, 374 p. ill. ; 25 cm, ISBN 9788080711443
Pamplona-Roger, George D. M.D. 250 receptov pre zdravie a prevenciu / George D. Pamplona-Roger. Martin: Advent-Orion, 2012 (ongoing)
Daly, Richard. Víťazstvo nad tragédiou. Boh stále uzdravuje / Daly, Richard. Martin: Advent-Orion, 2012 (prebieha). ISBN 1903921309



ISSN, a standardised code

ISSN, a standardised code

ISSN is governed by a specific ISO standard. It also obeys other ISO standards used in the library and publishing world.

  • ISSN and ISO standards
  • Other standards
  • Other identification codes
ISSN and ISO standards The ISSN standard: ISO 3297

The ISO 3297 standard was drafted in 1971, published for the first time in 1975, and revised on a regular basis since that date. It contains the definition of ISSN and the related standardised rules of application. It has made the ISSN a tool to be used internationally in the most diverse contexts. ISO has designated the ISSN International Centre as the agency with official authority concerning ISSN registration.

The ISO 4 standard for abbreviations

The ISO 4 standard defines the rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications. The words in the List of Title Word Abbreviations are abbreviated in accordance with this standard. The ISSN International Centre is the agency that maintains this standard. In accordance with the scope of this standard, the abbreviations can also be used for titles of non-serial publications.

The ISO 2709 standard for bibliographic records

The ISO 2709 computer format is the universal standard used in the library world for bibliographic records. Libraries that do not have an integrated management system can use records based on ISO 2709 format via tools such as MARC RTP, MARC.pm or those offered by the Library of Congress.

Other standards

As an international identifier, the ISSN also uses other various standards:

  • transliteration rules,
  • character sets,
  • language codes,
  • country codes.
Other identification codes

The principle of a standardised international identification code exists in other fields. Accordingly:

  • monographs (books) are identified by ISBN (International Standard Book Number),
  • musical scores by ISMN (International Standard Music Number),
  • sound recordings by ISRC (International Standard Recording Code),
  • etc.

Each of these codes has a specific and well-defined scope, as well as its own logic.

The Standards mentioned below fall under the responsibility of ISO TC46/SC9 which deals with identification and description.

ISO 2108:2005 Information and documentation — International standard book number (ISBN) http://www.isbn-international.org/

ISO 3297:2007 Information and documentation — International standard serial number (ISSN) http://www.issn.org/

ISO 3901:2001 Information and documentation — International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) http://isrc.ifpi.org/

ISO 10957:2009 Information and documentation — International standard music number (ISMN) http://www.ismn-international.org/

ISO 15706-1:2002 Information and documentation — International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) — Part 1: Audiovisual work identifier http://www.isan.org/

ISO 15706-2:2007 Information and documentation — International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) — Part 2: Version identifier http://www.isan.org/

ISO 15707:2001 Information and documentation — International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC) http://www.iswc.org/

ISO 21047:2009 Information and documentation — International Standard Text Code (ISTC) http://www.istc-international.org/

ISO 27729:2012 Information and documentation — International standard name identifier (ISNI) http://www.isni.org/

ISO 27730:2012 Information and documentation — International standard collection identifier (ISCI) http://www.iso.org/iso/catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=44293

ISO 26324:2012 Information et documentation – Digital Object Identifier System (DOI) http://www.doi.org

DOI Registration Authority. International Digital Object Identifier Foundation, Inc.. Linkside Avenue 5, GB-Oxford OX2 8HY, United Kingdom • Tel: +44 1865 559070 • Fax: +44 1865 31 44 75 • Web: http://www.doi.org

What is ISO? ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is a non-governmental organisation created in 1947. It is made up of approximately 140 national standards bodies. Its mission is to favour the development of standardisation in the world, in order to:

  • facilitate exchanges of goods and services between nations, and
  • develop cooperation in intellectual, scientific, technical and economic fields.

ISO’s work results in international agreements that are published in the form of international Standards.

ISO TC 46 the technical committee for information and documentation

TC 46 is the name of the ISO Technical Committee working on standardising current practices in libraries, documentation and information centres, indexing and abstracting services, archives, information science and publishing.

The ISSN can, among other things, be applied to monograph collections: a monograph belonging to a collection can have both an ISSN (identifying the collection) and an ISBN (identifying the monograph in the collection).



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