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The Pet Bird Report

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Rei s Random Birdie Info

Rei's Random Birdie Info

The left bird (Torque) was a male normal grey cockatiel; the well-feathered glutton on the right (Tcsh "teesh") is a pied cockatiel. The middle bird (Cheep-Cheep) is a pied Dutch-blue peach-faced lovebird. They could never sit together like this in Real Life. Based on original sketch from '94.

If your bird is sick or injured please take it to an AVIAN VET; don't email me!!Birdie Information at this Site:

  • Fighting PDD.
    Our lovebird has what may be an incurable digestive disorder. here's how we are fighting it.
    Some of this advice will likely help any sick bird.
  • Stupid Bird and Owner Tricks
    True incidents. Some silly, some funny, some bad!
    Expect your bird to be stupid, and don't be stupid yourself!

    • BIRD TALK Magazine
      This magazine was a tremendous resource to me
      when I started keeping birds.
  • North American Cockatiel Society
    • Informative articles
    • FAQ -- try looking up your 'tiel question here!
  • New link Fall 2002 Stop PDD - new up-to-date site with well organized information.



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    Pet Birds

    Pet Birds

    How to Make Your Budgie Stop Fighting

    Making your budgie stop fighting requires you to think about why it is fighting in the first place. Make your budgie stop fighting with help from an experienced pet specialist… Read More

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    Cleaning your cockatiel is something that you do primarily to maintain their health. Clean your cockatiel with help from an experienced pet specialist in this free video clip. Read More

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    Getting a cockatiel out of the cage is something that you can do through encouragement. Get a cockatiel out of a cage with help from an experienced pet specialist in… Read More

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    Making a bird go in a cage is something that you can do by establishing a great relationship with it. Make a bird go in a cage with help from… Read More

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    Training your macaw is something that you can do by reinforcing good behavior. Train your macaw with help from an experienced pet specialist in this free video clip. Read More

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    Training a parakeet to not fly around the house is something that is going to take some time. Train a parakeet to not fly around the house with help from… Read More

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    Making your cockatiel happy will make him or her much more fun and active. Make your cockatiel happy with help from an experienced pet specialist in this free video clip. Read More

  • Can Cockatiels Get Along With Zebra Finches?

    Zebra finches and cockatiels can be housed together, but care must be taken to ensure one bird is not dominant or aggressive toward the other. It's usually best to house… Read More

  • Meanings of a Cockatoo's Noises

    The cockatoo seems to bellow and screech endlessly and babble for hours, but the noises coming from your pet bird might mean more than you think. Understanding what your feathered… Read More

  • Can You Touch a Budgie's Eggs?

    If you're trying to breed parakeets, the way you handle the eggs is critically important. Female parakeets lay eggs whether or not they've mated -- if you know the eggs… Read More

  • How to Build a Flight Cage for Parakeets

    Your parakeets' cage is fine for sleeping and eating, but they will benefit from a space to occasionally spread their little wings. Allowing them to fly free inside your house… Read More

  • Do Cockatiel Babies Chirp a Lot?

    If you are raising baby cockatiels for the first time, one thing you need to be prepared for is a certain amount of chirping. Baby cockatiels chirp to let their… Read More

  • What Does a Budgie's Nesting Box Look Like?

    Both in the wild and in captivity, budgies like a little privacy when they're nesting. For a pet budgie, this typically means taking shelter in a nesting box. Even if… Read More

  • How to Tell if Your Budgie Was Hand-Raised

    Budgies, also known as parakeets, are sociable birds known for being excellent captive companions. On average, budgies live approximately 15 years -- so they're long-term commitments; take your time choosing… Read More

  • Can a Loud Noise Be Dangerous to Birds?

    While birds enjoy communicating with one another in loud, even screeching tones, sudden, unexpected shrill or sharp sounds can frighten them as well. In fact, prolonged exposure to excessive noise,… Read More

    What Does It Mean When Your Parakeets Constantly Stretch Their Wings?

    When you see a human stretching his limbs, you might assume he's about to go for a jog or he just spent a few hours cooped up in a compact… Read More

  • Birds Sleeping Habits

    For birds, a solid night of sleep is essential. Lack of sleep is detrimental to their physical and mental health. Birds' bedtime habits include the amount of time they spend… Read More

  • How Much Light Do Budgies Need?

    Though they need more sleep than humans, budgies keep similar hours -- they sleep at night and they’re awake during the day. These birds are used to living in lighted… Read More

  • Can You Put a Baby Female Cockatiel in the Same Cage With an Adult Male?

    Cockatiels are very sociable birds who can benefit from having avian companionship in addition to their human companionship. Adding a new cockatiel to your famiy can be a rewarding experience,… Read More

  • What Do Birds Do for Fun?

    Happy birds are more likely to be healthy birds. Stress, loneliness and boredom can contribute to and even cause health problems for your caged pet. As a bird owner, you… Read More

  • How Long for a Macaw to Talk?

    Seventeen different species of macaws are known, all of which are medium-to-large birds belonging to the parrot family. Not all macaws are created equal and some have better talking abilities… Read More

  • Do Lovebirds Grieve Over a Lost Mate?

    The death of a beloved pet, even when it is expected, can be crushing for both human members of the household and companion animals. Lovebirds bond very strongly with one… Read More

  • Cockatiels vs. Parakeets as Children's Pets

    Cockatiels and parakeets are two popular choices for pet birds in the United States. Each species has its own benefits and drawbacks for children. Choosing the right bird can make… Read More

  • What to Do If Your Parakeet Won't Bond with You

    It takes time to bond with your parakeet. Owning a pet bird who has not bonded with you has the potential to turn into a disappointing and even painful experience,… Read More

  • If One Cockatiel Dies, Will the Other Be Lonely?

    If you recently lost one of your cockatiels, you are not the only one grieving the loss of a pal. Cockatiels are social creatures who need constant companionship. In the… Read More

  • What Do You Do When a Cockatiel Ignores Her Eggs?

    Female cockatiels have a tendency to lay eggs, regardless of whether or not they have a mate. A mother hen who abandons unfertilized eggs is nothing to worry about. If,… Read More

  • What Does It Mean If a Parakeet Is Yelling?

    They're small birds, but parakeets can squawk almost as loudly as their larger parrot relatives. Unfortunately they don't speak English, so they depend on their kind owners to determine what… Read More

  • What to Do if Your Budgie Flies Away

    The budgie's curious, friendly and acrobatic. He loves to come out of his cage to play and follow you around the house. He's a little thing, too, and he can… Read More

  • What Is the Thing on Top of a Cockatoo?

    The cockatoo, a member of the parrot family, has a distinctive crown of feathers on top of his head. But this crown is no mere clutch of feathers. A cockatoo's… Read More

  • Can You Have Three Parakeets in One Cage?

    While not all people enjoy having roommates, as far as a parakeet is concerned, the more, the merrier. In the wild, these birds live in flocks, and three of them… Read More

  • Fun Things to Do With Cockatiels

    It's no surprise why cockatiels are popular pets. They're easygoing and playful and are not as prone to behavior problems as some other pet bird species. But cockatiels still need… Read More

    How to Hold Canaries

    Canaries generally aren't tame enough to perch quietly on your finger like some birds. So each time you handle your canary, you should hold him firmly, yet gently. Catching and… Read More

  • How Large of a Cage Do Parakeets Require?

    Since your parakeet is going to spend most of his time inside his cage, you must be sure he has enough room -- you wouldn't want to be confined to… Read More

  • What Is the Most Common Cleaning Method for Removing Bird Droppings?

    Birds do their business just like humans do. Their waste is noxious and toxic, and it can damage hard surfaces such as wood. Indoors, bird droppings can leave harmful germs… Read More

  • Owning an Amazon Parrot as a Pet

    Adopting a parrot is not like adopting any other kind of pet. If properly kept, Amazon parrots can live as long as 60 years -- and having a parrot around… Read More

  • How to Bond With a Cockatoo

    Cockatoos are popular pets among bird lovers, but they can be problematic companion animals for inexperienced pet owners. Although they are a member of the parrot family, the cockatoo cannot… Read More

  • How Old Should Parakeets Be When They Can Be Adopted?

    Knowing what age to adopt a parakeet is one of the most critical questions to answer. Typically, younger birds are the most sought after, but older parakeets can bring just… Read More

  • The Definition of Budgie

    The word "budgie" is short for budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), a type of wee parrot that comes from Australia. These well-known pet birds are also frequently referred to simply as parakeets.… Read More

  • Can You Pair Two Female Parakeets?

    Pairing animals can be a tricky and stressful situation, whether it comes to dogs, gerbils or parakeets. After all, so many different factors can potentially come into play, whether same-gender… Read More

  • How to Care for House Finch Babies

    House finches are active but nervous birds. Their antics are fun to watch; however, unlike a parrot that can be held, a finch is not the right bird to have… Read More

  • Outdoor Care for Budgies

    Budgies -- also referred to as budgerigars or parakeets -- are small, brightly colored birds that are commonly kept as household pets. These intelligent little birds are relatively inexpensive to… Read More

  • Homemade Feeders and Water Holders for Chickens

    Choosing the right type of homemade chicken feeder depends in part of the number of chickens and the amount they should be eating. Food and water shouldn't be allowed to… Read More

  • How to Breed Amazon Parrots

    Amazon parrots are very difficult to breed and require a lot of time and energy. Make sure you have homes lined up for the offspring, as Amazon parrots bond at… Read More

  • The Life Span of a Parakeet

    Bright and colorful, friendly and sociable, parakeets appeal to people of all ages. If you are thinking about adopting a pet parakeet, be prepared to make a long-term commitment. With… Read More

  • Parakeet Mating Information

    Parakeets can make great pets: They are lively, active and adorable. Whether you desire baby parakeets or not, parakeets in a cage together often naturally mate. There are a variety… Read More

  • How to Breed English Budgies

    The English budgerigar is a small, lively bird also known as a budgie. These birds are related to and look nearly exactly like the American budgerigar (also called a parakeet).… Read More

    How to Handraise Ringneck Parrots

    Ringneck parrots are one of the oldest domesticated parrot species in the world. Originally from India, they make sociable pets that can sometimes be taught to talk. The best way… Read More

  • How to Breed Rainbow Lorikeets

    Rainbow lorikeets are colorful members of the parrot family that are native to Australia and the South Pacific. These popular pets are smaller than many other species in the parrot… Read More

  • How to Tame a Dove

    Doves are medium-sized birds that come in a wide variety of different feather patterns. They are commonly kept as pets, and ideally, the dove that you own is one that… Read More

  • Can You Put Finches & Budgies in the Same Cage?

    Budgies, or common parakeets, are small, colorful members of the parrot family, and finches are a large family of small birds that include many different species. Common pet finches include… Read More

  • How to Get a Bird to Use a Cuttlebone

    A cuttlebone is not actually a bone but rather the internal shell of the squid-like cuttlefish. Cuttlebones provide birds with essential nutrients like calcium and help wear down their beaks.… Read More

  • The Best Tumbler Pigeon Breeds

    Tumbler pigeons are descendants of the rock pigeon. The various tumbler pigeon breeds have all been developed for their ability to tumble through the air during flight. Tumbler pigeons have… Read More

    How Do I Know if a Green Singer Finch Is Male or Female?

    Green singer finches are also known as green singing finches and yellow-eyed canaries. They are small birds that are simple to keep as pets. Green singers are widely available at… Read More

  • How to Catch a Parakeet Live Outside

    Catching an escaped parakeet can be a challenging task indeed. The job is made that much more difficult if the bird is the escaped pet of someone other than yourself.… Read More

    What Are the Differences in Behavior Between Male and Female Cockatiels?

    In adult cockatiels, gender is relatively apparent on sight. Males usually have bright yellow faces with bright orange cheek patches, while female coloring appears muted, with gray or brown faces… Read More

  • How to Tame a Finch

    Birds can make great pets, and finches are no exception. Finches are small birds that are easy to care for and are entertaining to watch, but to really interact with… Read More

  • How to Breed & Hatch Hummingbird Eggs

    Breeding hummingbirds in captivity is a very difficult process limited to zoo exhibits and large aviaries. Raising hummingbirds requires a special permit that few organizations can obtain. Some individuals rescue… Read More

  • How to Get a Grown Peacock to Stay

    Peacocks, the males of the peafowl species, can be quite territorial. Often the peacocks will remain in a small area even when allowed to roam free. You can use this… Read More

  • How to Get Your Conure Not to Bite

    Conures are beautiful and very colorful parrots. The key to stopping a conure from biting is to understand bird behavior. Like all parrots, conures are very intelligent and must have… Read More

    How Can I Incubate Cockatiel Eggs?

    Native to Australia, the cockatiel is a sociable household parrot that usually features gray, yellow or white plumage. Cockatiels possess an average lifespan of about 15 years. Female cockatiels may… Read More

    How to Care for a Green Cheeked Conure

    Green-cheeked conures and other large, exotic parrots are controversial as pets. As highly intelligent, social creatures with very specific housing needs, green-cheeked conures frequently fall victim to neglect. For this… Read More

  • How to Get My Cockatiel to Stop Biting

    Cockatiels are not aggressive or confrontational by nature. In the wild, they just fly away when they are afraid or upset. **In captivity, cockatiels may resort to biting to show… Read More

    How to Take Care of an African Grey

    African Grey parrots are extremely demanding pets, with care requirements that far exceed those of rabbits, cats and dogs. With a life expectancy often exceeding 60 years, the African Grey… Read More

  • How to Care for Ringnecks & Princess Parrots

    While dogs and cats are the most numerous pets in the United States, those who are unable to keep them or who would prefer a more unique pet, may find… Read More

  • How to Breed Alexandrine Parrots

    The Alexandrine Parakeet is a green bird with red accents on the beak and wings. They are characterized by their color and their very loud noises. The terms Alexandrine Parrot… Read More

    Care of a Red Rump Parakeet

    The red rump parakeet, a native to Australia, lives for up to 20 years and grows to around 11 inches. A suitable bird for a beginner, this parakeet is fairly… Read More

  • How to Tell Sexes of African Grey Parrots

    African Grey parrots are intelligent birds that are native to the rain forests of central and western Africa. These social birds are able to mimic human speech, and they may… Read More

  • Can Canaries Live With Finches?

    Canaries are themselves a variety of finch. Finches tend to be sociable birds. Given enough room, canaries mix well with other finches. Best combinations include singer finches and smaller finches… Read More

  • How to Care for Macaws

    Macaws make nice companions and are capable of learning a few words and phrases and a variety of tricks. There are several different macaw species and numerous other hybrid varieties,… Read More

  • How to Care for Your Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

    Bringing home a Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Parrots have very long lifespans, and this particular species of Amazon has a lifespan of… Read More

  • How to Breed Macaws

    The macaw is a smart, inquisitive and an impressive-looking bird native to South America. These birds have exotic and vibrant colored feathers, a large head, strong beak and a long… Read More

  • How to Care for an African Grey Parrot in a Cold Climate

    For animal lovers, an exotic pet like a parrot is intriguing. Just viewing one of the videos of Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s Alex, the African Grey Parrot, will make you want… Read More

  • Sun Conure Courtship Behavior

    Sun conures, which are of the genus Aratinga, are perhaps the most popular of the conures because of their cheeky and friendly disposition. These parrots, which can grow up to… Read More

  • How to Raise Duck Eggs

    Less commonly raised than chickens, domestic ducks are useful as pets and as agricultural products. According to Melvin L. Hamre of the University of Minnesota's Department of Animal Science, around… Read More

  • Habitat of the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

    The tiger swallowtail butterfly is one of the most recognizable butterflies in the United States. They are large butterflies with a wingspan range of 3 inches to 5.6 inches. Adult… Read More

  • Why Does a Sun Conure Vibrate its Mouth on my Finger?

    The sun conure will vibrate its mouth against different objects to show affection. This behavior is common among normal, healthy and active sun conures. Periodically, it may regurgitate food while… Read More

  • Allergies to Parrots

    Many people think that owning a parrot is a great way to have a pet and to escape from allergies, as well. While people might be allergic to dogs or… Read More

  • How Get a Pet Bird From a Tree

    Despite your most conscientious efforts, at some point, your pet bird may escape. Birds of all types and sizes can find their way outside, either through an open window or… Read More

    Ostriches have a number of adaptations, such as their immense size and defensive temperament, that keepers must consider when designing their pens. Read More

  • How to Breed African Love Birds

    African lovebirds are small parrots that can be friendly, personable pets. There are nine distinct species of African lovebirds, but they can all be bred using the same procedures. Learning… Read More

  • How to Care for a Baby Wood Duck

    Considered one of the most beautiful of all water birds, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the wood duck is a member of the family Anatidae, which also includes… Read More

  • Instructions on How to Build a Parrot Tree Stand

    With the high cost of most store-bought parrot trees and play stands, it is little wonder that many bird lovers make their own parrot trees. Custom stands offer bird enthusiasts… Read More

  • How to Care for a Mother Duck & Her New Ducklings

    If you find a mother duck and her ducklings stranded by the side of the road or even in your own backyard, you probably don’t know how to properly feed… Read More

  • Will Male & Female Budgies Fight?

    Parakeets, also called budgies, are relatively peaceful birds, but sometimes they do fight. Whether it's over territory, because one budgie is afraid of the other, or just because one bird… Read More

  • How to Raise Wild Ducks

    An unattended duck's nest is not necessarily without the mother duck. If something happens to the mother, however, and the wild ducklings are left on their own, you may feel… Read More

  • African Grey Parrot Lifespan

    Part of the appeal of owning a bird as a pet for many people is that most birds don't have very long life spans, so they don't represent a very… Read More

  • How to Stop an African Grey Parrot From Biting

    Anyone who has a knowledge of birds knows that when it comes to being intelligent and sociable, few birds out there can hold a candle to the African grey parrot.… Read More

  • How to Breed Society Finches

    The society finch, also called the Bengalese finch, comes in a variety of colors, including gray, chestnut, pearl and fawn. These sociable birds breed easily in captivity, so the responsible… Read More

  • How to Raise Baby Cockatiels Without Hand Feeding

    While hand-feeding young cockatiels from around two weeks onward will usually ensure the development of tame babies, feeding by hand can be difficult and time consuming. This task is inadvisable… Read More

  • How to Stop an Indian Ringneck Parrot From Biting

    Indian Ringnecks are a popular species of parrots. They come in a variety of striking color mutations and are often praised for their talking ability. Ringnecks are not affectionate in… Read More

  • How to Breed an Umbrella Cockatoo

    Breeding umbrella cockatoos in captivity can be a challenging yet rewarding experience since these birds are considered "vulnerable" and may someday be listed as endangered. However, breeding should never be… Read More

  • How to Find a Bird Breeder Tag Number

    Deciphering the meaning of a pet bird's breeder tag number can tell you how old your bird is and in what state and breeding facility the bird was hatched. You… Read More

  • How to Breed Cutthroat Finches

    The sex of a cutthroat finch (Amadina fasciata), also known as a ribbon finch, is easy to determine, because males have a red stripe on their throats while the females… Read More

  • How to Build a Parrot Play Stand

    Parrots are active, intelligent creatures that are quickly becoming popular in the pet market. Like children, parrots need time to get out of their normal environments and play. This can… Read More

    How to Breed African Gray Parrots in Captivity

    African Grey parrots are one of the most well known and sought after species in the pet bird industry. With their high intelligence and ability to easily mimic the human… Read More

    How to Breed Senegal Parrots

    The Senegal parrot is the most common of those belonging to the Poicephalus species, and is known to be a playful, charming and devoted little companion. It is also considered… Read More



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