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Ultralight Basic Aeronautical Knowledge - Isbn:9780646259017

Category: Aeronautics

  • Book Title: Ultralight Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
  • ISBN 13: 9780646259017
  • ISBN 10: 0646259016
  • Author: Des Rycroft
  • Category: Aeronautics
  • Category (general): Aeronautics
  • Publisher:
  • Format & Number of pages: 94 pages, book
  • Synopsis:

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Aeronaut (Aviation) - Definition, meaning - Online Encyclopedia

Aeronaut (Aviation)

Aeronaut ic Navigation Instruments: An Overview for the VFR Pilot
Magnetic Compass
The simplest of aeronaut ic navigation instruments that is most often used for basic orientiation is the magnetic compass.

Aeronaut ical Chart
A roadmap for pilot s in flight. The chart provides safe altitude s, emergency landing spots, radio frequencies, and other information.
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aeronaut ical charts
Aeronaut ical charts provide important information to the pilot. Sectional chart s show topographic details, relief features and aeronaut ical information of the selected area and are updated regularly. Other types of chart s display route s, airway s and ground terminal locations.

Aeronaut ics is the study of the science of flight. Aeronaut ics is the method of designing an airplane or other flying machine. There are four basic areas that aeronaut ical engine ers must understand in order to be able to design plane s.

This is a glossary of terms used in relation to aviation. aircraft. aerospace. and aeronaut ics. in alphabetical order.
For specific makes and models of aircraft. see w:List of aircraft manufacturers and w:List of aircraft .
[edit] A
Term Definition

Aeronaut ical Information Manual (AIM )
A primary FAA publication whose purpose is to instruct airmen about operating in the National Airspace System of the U.S.

Aeronaut ical Information Publications
To successfully complete a VFR flight current detailed airport and aviation information must be collected for the airspace. the departure and destination airport s you will use.

aeronaut ical sectional chart
A 1:500,000-scale aeronaut ical map that includes topographical and navigation al information for pilot s to use during VFR flight .
aeronaut ics
The study or science of flight.

Aeronaut ical knowledge
Aeronaut ical knowledge includes diverse and interesting subjects like aerodynamics. how the systems of the airplane you are flying work, what weather to avoid, FAA regulations, principles of navigation. aeromedical factors, stall /spin awareness.

Aeronaut ical engine er Chris Heintz, the designer of Zenith Aircraft Company's line of kit aircraft. is one of the most qualified and knowledgable light aircraft designers today.

BEARING - The horizontal direct ion to or from any point, usually measured clockwise from true north, magnetic north, or some other reference point through 360 degrees.

Aeronaut ical Information Circular
A process by which one or more sensors provide data to another sensor to produce results better than any single sensor; aiding occurs at the data sour.

As an aeronaut ical engine er, it's easy for me to design a complicated aircraft. and much more challenging to design a simple one.

AAC Aeronaut ical Administration Communication (a class of communication which supports administrative communication)
AAS Advanced Automation System (the end systems for all FAA air traffic control. located at the ARTCC s)
AATT Advanced Aviation Transport ation Technology.

Aeronaut ical Information Manual
Airmen's Meteorological Information.

AOC - Aeronaut ical Operational Control. The applications for communications between an aircraft and its operating agency or service partners.

ARINC Aeronaut ical Radio Inc, US company whose electronic box sizes (racking sizes) are the international standard.
ARM Anti-radiation missile.
ArNG Army National Guard (US).

The Civil Aeronaut ics Act of 1938
Government decisions continued to prove as important to aviation ?s future as technological breakthroughs, and one of the most important aviation bills ever enacted by Congress was the Civil Aeronaut ics Act of 1938.

Glossary of Aeronaut ical Terms
'Acknowledge '
'Let me know that you have received and understood my message.'.

Wise the Aeronaut "
It also gave him the opportunity to develop a more advanced flying machine. Wise was the first to observe the "great river of air which always blows from west to east" in the higher regions of the atmosphere. Today we call this phenomenon the jet stream.

ULTRALIGHT - An aeronaut ical vehicle operated for sport or recreational purposes which does not require FAA registration, an airworthiness certificate. nor pilot certification. Primarily single-occupant vehicles, although some two-place vehicles are authorized for training purposes.

Aeronaut ica Nazionale Repubblicana or (Fascist) Italian Republican National Air Force .
ANVIL: Plan for invasion of Southern France.
API. Armor-Piercing Incendiary ammunition
Ar or AR: Arado (German aircraft ).

AIP. Aeronaut ical Information Publication
ALoSP. Acceptable Level of Safety Performance
AME. Aircraft Maintenance Engine er or Approved Medical Examiner
AMO. Approved Maintenance Organisation
AMP. Aircraft Maintenance Programme.

In the United State s, CAA stood for the Civil Aeronaut ics Administration, a fore-runner of today's FAA.
CAB. Civil Aeronaut ics Board.

AFTN Aeronaut ical Fixed Telecommunications Network. AGM Annual General Meeting (IATA ). AITAL International Association of Latin American Transport (Asociacion Internacional de Transport e Aereo Latinoamericano). ALPA Air Line Pilot s Association.

Development began in 1914 when Ron Wanamaker, a wealthy American department store owner and supporter of aeronaut ics. hoped to fly across the Atlantic to compete for the prize of 10,000 British Sterling offered by British publisher and aviation enthusiast.

Aeronaut ical decision making and judgment
A score of 70% or better on the pilot knowledge test. The test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions selected from approximately 900 airplane -related questions in the FAA instrument rating test bank.

" While arguably more true than a whole wealth of aeronaut ical truisms, it doesn't provide much guidance in our quest to become one of those wiser and more-capable aviator s. Which raises an obvious question: How does one develop such profound judgment? First off, what exactly is risk?

2 - This document, titled "Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters," contains procedures and guidelines for analyzing aeronaut ical operating conditions and determining the effects of existing or proposed objects that exceed FAR Part 77 (see also) standards.

For anyone interested in unique aeronaut ical details, the Shackleton was a literal treasure throve. For instance, may were puzzled by the narrow strips of bare wood which were inlayed more or less flush and screwed to the leading edge s of the wings and tail surfaces.

Of course efforts have been made toward manfiight ever since the early sixteenth century, when Leonardo da Vinci invented the parachute and became the first patron of aeronaut ics ; between the time of this famous artist and the present many experimenters have given their attention to the problem.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA ) - The FAA is the Federal agency responsible for insuring the safe and efficient use of the nation's airspace. for fostering civil aeronaut ics and air commerce, and for supporting the requirements of national defense.

Airspace. Airspace. in aeronaut ical terms, refers to the three-dimensional structure of the atmosphere in which aircraft operate. Airspace is classified as either controlled or uncontrolled.

Categories of current UAS andtheir aeronaut ical capabilities
Major manufactures of UAS
The latest developments and major components of a UAS
The types of sensor data can UAS provide
Regulatory and spectrum issues associated with UAS.

Their interest in gliding soon gave way to study of the serious scientific aspects of aeronaut ics. Because they found the existing data unsatisfactory, they abandoned it and did their own investigating.

- Pilot s Handbook of Aeronaut ical Knowledge
- Pilot 's Handbook of Aeronaut ical Knowledge-Appendix 1, Runway Incursion Avoidance
- Plane Sense.

National Advisory Committee for Aeronaut ics. NASA 's predecessor, 1915 to 1958.
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Needle Valve.

Digitial equipment that produces map video, and sometimes contains TRN; uses Digital Terrain Elevation Data and Digitized Feature Analysis Data; Displays reconstructed digital map data, aeronaut ical charts or photographs.

Chart - 1. Large piece of paper, useful for protecting cockpit surfaces from food and beverage stains. 2. An aeronaut ical map that provides interesting pattern s for the manufacturers of children's curtains.

AOPA Air Safety Foundation Course s
EAA Hints for Homebuilders - Videos
FAA Aeronaut ical Information Manual Online
General Operating Rules: 14 CFR Part 91 - Online.

Removing obstruction s to air navigation. except those that an FAA aeronaut ical analysis determined need not be removed, satisfies these requirements. Subpart C of FAR Part 77 defines obstruction s to air navigation. (See FAA HANDBOOK 8260.3B.).

Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO );
7. runway incursion avoidance;
8. controlled flight into terrain (CFIT );
9. aeronaut ical decision making (ADM );
10. checklist usage; and
11. other areas deemed appropriate to any phase of the practical test.




ERG Materials - Aerospace - capabilities

Duocel® Foam Capabilities Guide


ERG has amassed a great deal of engineering expertise over the past 40 years, expertise in both designing and manufacturing Duocel® foam metal components. Our engineers can design and optimize Duocel® foam components for performance and manufacturability in a broad variety of applications.

For example, we have detailed thermal models for predicting and optimizing the performance of Duocel® metal foam heat exchangers. We have mechanical properties test data that can be used to calculate and predict the performance of Duocel® foams for impact absorption and structural applications. If you contact us today our engineers can quickly determine if Duocel® foam components would be viable in your particular application.

Bonding / Brazing

It is possible to bond Duocel® products utilizing conventional epoxies and adhesives. Such bonding agents must be compatible to the Duocel® base material and its finished operating environment. Bonding is considered a cost saving alternative to brazing.

Brazing is common among our thermal management products to increase their heat transfer efficiency. Specialized brazing techniques and processes are necessary to ensure the highest quality in our products.

Heat Treating

Duocel® metal foams are available in many heat treatable conditions that are derived from the parent material alloy. ERG Aerospace’s general practice is to provide Duocel® in a T6 or equivalent condition to maximize the strength and durability of the ligaments.


Our dedicated Duocel® foam metal machine shop covers over 20,000 sqft, and is comprised of both manual and CNC machines. Precision machinery coupled with decades of experience by our machinists assures the highest quality Duocel® components and assemblies. Our experience and knowledge in machining open-celled metal foams is unmatched by anyone in the world. We also maintain the unique ability to have our engineering staff co-located in the same building allowing our engineers the flexibility to ensure the Duocel® components meet your required performance criteria.

Duocel® foams are unique materials which require special proprietary fabrication and manufacturing processes that ERG Aerospace corporation has developed over the last 40 years. We work with our customers to define the performance requirements and optimize the Duocel® component design. We then perform the fabrication and machining to ensure the product meets your quality and performance requirements. For this reason, we do not sell Duocel® foams in raw or bulk form, but only as finished end item components. This ultimately saves everyone time and money, and results in a superior cost-effective product.

Plating / Chemical Films

Duocel® foam metals are capable of taking on additional plating or chemical film. Plating is used to increase the primary foam’s corrosion resistance, surface finish, thermal transfer properties, and electrical conductivity. Common metal plating includes nickel, gold, silver and platinum. Plating also reduces the cost of having to manufacture the primary foam in an expensive alloy.

Chemical film coatings and anodized foam are also utilized when additional environmental protection is desired such as in space flight applications.


There are many Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Destructive Testing (DT) methods that can be employed to quantitatively characterize the Duocel® foam materials. Some of these tests include airflow, stress/strain, corrosion, X-ray, filtering, salt and leak testing.



Which are the best books for basic aeronautical engineering?

Good question! While many people talk about the huge differences between aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering, they are in general very similar, with aeronautical engineering being highly specialized mechanical engineering with a few additions in knowledge (in areas like aerodynamics, structures, propulsion). Here is a list in learning the basics of aeronautical engineering.

Introduction to Flight: John D. Anderson Jr. - This book is a good introduction to the various aspects of aeronautical engineering, going through the physics and seminal moments in the history of aviation, so you get an understanding of how hard won the knowledge was. Doesn’t require very much background except a solid grounding in algebra, basic physics, and some basic calculus. You won’t be able to design an aircraft after reading this book, but you’ll at least understand why aircraft look the way they do.

Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach: Daniel P. Raymer - This book is a good introduction to the design of aircraft. Not going into the weeds for detailed design, this book goes into how to size parts of the aircraft. Requires a little bit of knowledge of aerodynamics, but is still a good introductory text as you see what influences an aircraft design most (like engine specific impulse and airframe stiffness).

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics: John D. Anderson Jr. - This book is a good introduction into aerodynamics. Really the meat of aeronautical engineering, this is the text that will not be covered in mechanical engineering in depth. Goes into depth on how an aircraft generates lift, drag, and how to maximize lift to drag ratio. Goes into the design of wings, balancing an airframe aerodynamically, and a little into the design of airfoils.

Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion: Jack D. Mattingly - A good book going through the fundamentals of how an aircraft generates thrust using turbine engines, this goes through the sizing of the engine along with a detailed cycle analysis. Most of this is mechanical engineering, as it is heavy thermal analysis, but some of it includes aerodynamics as it goes through intake design and nozzle design. Touches slightly on how to design compressors, turbines, stators, and combustion chambers.

Fundamentals of Aircraft Structural Analysis- Howard D. Curtis: A good book building up how the aircraft structures are designed and analyzed, this will be fairly familiar to most of what is covered in mechanical engineering with the exception of minimizing weight. This book will go through bending, buckling, and twisting, along with analysis of thin membranes and shells. Goes through an actual design example of designing an aircraft airframe after being given the aerodynamic loads and flight envelope.

While reading these books won’t make you into a master aircraft designer, they will get you started towards becoming one. Good luck!

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