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The Darker Side - Isbn:9781848943629

Category: Fiction

  • Book Title: The Darker Side
  • ISBN 13: 9781848943629
  • ISBN 10: 1848943628
  • Author: Cody Mcfadyen
  • Category: Fiction
  • Category (general): Fiction
  • Publisher: Hachette UK
  • Format & Number of pages: 464 pages, book
  • Synopsis: Imagine a serial killer who has already struck a horrific number of times.

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ISBN: 1848220219 - The Darker Side Of Light - OPENISBN Project: Download Book Data

The Darker Side Of Light

For many today, the art of the late nineteenth century is dominated by Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. However, this is only the better-known part of the story, a story retold within the pages of this captivating book with its finely executed works of art and the insightful essays that accompany them. For collectors the experience of prints, drawings, and small sculptures was often a private affair, like taking a book down from the shelf for quiet enjoyment. Prints and drawings were kept aside, compiled in albums and portfolios, while medals and bronzes were often placed in the seclusion of the library. In short, such works of art were not typically a part of one's day-to-day environment in the manner of a framed object hung on a wall. Rather, they were subject to purposeful study on chosen occasions. From the beginning this element of discreteness allowed for degrees of experiment leading artists to sometimes recherche, sometimes enigmatic, and often melancholy subjects that indulged the solitary circumstances of their reception. By explicating a range of highly engaging, often mysterious and beautiful objects, "The Darker Side of Light" evokes the shadowed interiors and private introspections that compose a far less familiar history of late nineteenth-century art.

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ERIC - The Dark Side of Globalization, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, 2011-May-12

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. v28 n7 p10-11 May 2011

With an estimated 27 million people enslaved around the world, academics at a recent international conference on human trafficking explored ways they could help end the shameful practice. Professors, students, non-governmental organizations and others gathered at the Conference on Religion, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, held at the University of Denver, to share information about human trafficking in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States. They brainstormed ways that universities and individuals can help fight human trafficking, including forming anti-slavery societies on campuses, incorporating the topic into a wide range of courses, buying products from companies that don't use slave labor and making more people aware of the problem. Trafficking has grown alongside free trade, globalization and other economic and social trends. Victims are often abducted, lured with false job offers, sold by relatives or sometimes enter into slavery voluntarily to help their families. Slave trafficking comes in a staggering array of forms around the world, with slaves engaging in the sex trade, agriculture, construction, domestic work and factory work, among others. While the problem remains difficult to eradicate, there have been some bright spots. Human trafficking cuts across virtually all subject areas, and students and faculty members would be invigorated by studying it and working against it.

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Prophets of the Dark Side (novel)

Prophets of the Dark Side (novel)

Prophets of the Dark Side (novel)

Infobox SW Books
name = Prophets of the Dark Side
orig title =
translator =

author = Hollace Davids & Paul Davids
cover_artist = Drew Struzan
editor =
country = USA
language = English
era = Classic
series = Jedi Prince
galactic_year = 5 ABY
canon = S
subject = Star Wars
genre = Science Fiction
publisher = Bantam Skylark
release_date = 1 May 1993
media_type = Paperback
pages = 95
size_weight =
isbn = ISBN 0-553-15892-9
preceded_by = Queen of the Empire
followed_by =

"Prophets of the Dark Side " is the sixth book of the " Jedi Prince " series by Paul and Hollace Davids .

As Trioculus lay dying he made Grand Moff Hissa promise that he would make Luke Skywalker and the rest of the Rebels pay for killing him. Meanwhile, at the Rebel base, they realize that Triclops, while sleepwalking. goes through files at the base and transmits them, through an implant on his tooth, to Imperial probe droids which are evading defenses. Leia proposes that a defense probe be built from plans found at the Lost City of the Jedi. These plans happen to be from Ken's homework assignments, prompting him and Luke to return to the city. While there, Ken's caretaker Dee-Jay and the other droids tell them about a decoy transport to the city that now leads to an underground sea of lava and also warn them of a prophecy by Supreme Prophet Kadann which says When the Jedi Knight
Becomes a captive of Scardia
Then shall the Jedi Prince
Betray the Lost City.

While they return to the Rebel base on Yavin, Zorba the Hutt has a meeting with the Prophets of the Dark Side in their space station Scardia. He tells of the grand moffs betrayals and plans of making Trioculus leader once again. When the Moffship is captured, they are put to trial, and surprised to see Zorba as the main witness. All of the moffs are sentenced to certain death, with Hissa's being the cruelest, as the loyalest supporter of Trioculus.

Back on Yavin 4, Luke decides to give Triclops false information about the decoy transporter. In order to stop the information leak altogether, Luke, Ken, and Chewbacca went to the planet Arzid to find a mushroom to deactivate the implant. While there they are captured by Imperial stormtroopers and brought to the Prophets. Kadann, using the false information from Triclops, sends Hissa to his death in the decoy transport and threatens that he will send Luke if Ken doesn't betray the location of the real transport. He also promises Ken that he will reveal who his father was. With that motivation, Ken betrays the city and is brought with the Prophets to it. There Kadann reveals that Ken's father is Triclops meaning his grandfather was the Emperor. Not wanting to believe them and crying, Ken is told that he will be bred to be the new Emperor and will know the Dark Side of the Force. Meanwhile, Luke, finally able to get free of his guards and rescued by Han and the others, is able to sneak into the city through a steam vent. He rescues Ken, but not before the city is shut down by the Imperials and an earthquake destroys the main computer. Although Luke and Ken are able to reach the surface, Kadann and the other prophets are trapped in the city. Ken is able to come to terms with his parentage, but is unable to speak to his father about it, as Triclops manages to escape and evade capture in the forests of Yavin. The story ends with Leia, preparing for her wedding and seeing a vision of Han with their two children, wondering if they are twins.

* [http://cargobay.starwars.com/webapps/cargobay/item-detail/42 Official CargoBay Listing ]

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Robert Lacoste s The Darker Side, 1st Edition

Robert Lacoste's The Darker Side, 1st Edition Key Features

*Tips and tricks to enhance design performance
*Practical advice on topics from digital signal design to electromagnetic interference
*A project augments each topic and companion website (http://www.elsevierdirect.com/v2/companion.jsp?ISBN=9781856177627) delivers all necessary project files


Robert Lacoste's The Darker Side column has quickly become a must read among Circuit Cellar devotees. His column provides readers with succinct theoretical concepts and practical applications on topics as far reaching as digital modulation to antenna basics. Difficult concepts are demystified as Robert shines a light on complex topics within electronic design.

This book collects sixteen Darker Side articles that have been enriched with new, exclusive content from the author. An intro into The Darker Side will give examples of material that can enhance and optimize the way you design. A Scilab tutorial along with Scilab software and all project material will be included with this package so that all projects can be tackled hands-on. Bonus Circuit Cellar content will be included on the CD for FREE! It's time to stop being afraid of the dark, let this book easily guide you through the time-draining, problematic elements of your application design.

Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Electronics Designers; System Engineers; Hardware Engineers; High-level Hobbyists and Students

Information about this author is currently not available.

Robert Lacoste's The Darker Side, 1st Edition

Foreword - by Steve Ciarcia, Founder/Editorial Director, Circuit Cellar Magazine

Introduction. Don't be afraid by the Darker side - A short introduction on the usual difficulties that electronic engineers could have to fight against

Section 1. Impedance concerns

Chapter 1.1 Impedance matching basics (From an optimization of a basic DC-powered heater to the design and simulation of tuned AC matching networks)

Chapter 1.2. Microstrip techniques (Design and play with zero-cost components, just by drawing copper tracks on your PCB !)

Chapter 1.3. Time Domain Reflectometry (Design your own sub-nanosecond pulse generator for 5$, and use it to measure and locate impedance mismatches.)

Section 2. Electromagnetic compatibility

Chapter 2.1. Let's play with EMI (See and understand how a good design can drastically reduce electromagnetic interferences)

Chapter 2.2. Cable shielding experiments (An experimental comparison of different cable shielding strategies, and their impact against capacitive and inductive coupling.)

Section 3. Signal processing

Chapter 3.1. The Fast Fourier Transform from A to Z (Understand what is a FFT and how to use it.)

Chapter 3.2. No fear with FIR. Put a Finite Impulse Response filter to work (From design to simulation and implementation of one of the most flexible digital filters, with extensive Scilab simulation examples.)

Chapter 3.3. Multirate processing techniques and CIC filters (Or how to manage huge data throughput on reasonnable size microprocessors or DSPs.)

Section 4. Oscillators

Chapter 4.1. Let's be crystal clear (Crystal oscillators from A to Z, in order to understand their design and limitations)

Chapter 4.2. Are you locked. A PLL primer (From the internals of voltage controlled oscillator to the implementation of integer and fractional PLLs, one of the most useful building blocks for the engineer)

Chapter 4.3. Direct digital synthesis 101 (Generate any frequency with fantastic resolution with a DDS, either hardware or firmware based. With actual implementation on a low cost microcontroller.)

Section 5. Communications

Chapter 5.1. Open your eyes. A primer on high speed signal transmission techniques (Understand what are equalization and emphasis and how to use them, with plenty of simulations and experiments.)

Chapter 5.2. Digital modulations demystified (From FSK to QAM and OFDM, learn their basics to know when to use them.)

Chapter 5.3. Antenna basics (Antenna concepts and simulation tools for ISM band systems.)

Chapter 6.1. Low power techniques. Build better energy-saving systems (A step by step method to drastically reduce the power consumption of autonomous designs. )

Chapter 6.2. From powerline measurements to PFC (Real or apparent power. Theory and experiments on an actual AC/DC converter with a power factor corrector stage.)

Section 7. System control

Chapter 7.1. PID control without math (How to design and tune a proportional-integrate-derivate controller. with plenty of simulations to understand the effects of each parameter)

Chapter 7.2. Linear control basics (A quite simple example of linear control with an inversed pendulum platform, or how to deal with problems with more than one input and output.)

Annex 1. Scilab tutorial

Annex 2. Complex numbers 101

Annex 3. References and sources



The Darker Side (Smoky Barrett, book 3) by Cody McFadyen

The Darker Side

When FBI Agent Smoky Barrett and her team of investigators are called in by the Director himself to handle a case of murder committed on a flight from Texas to Virginia, the case begins with a shock, and the twists keep coming.It soon becomes apparent that Smoky is dealing with a serial killer who appears to have committed a truly horrific number of murders already, someone who can find people with secrets not just the secrets we all admit to ourselves, but the deepest, innermost secrets of all and is using them to target and destroy his victims.The case is on the edge of going public, and when that happens, with all the accelerated power of the internet behind it, public hysteria is not far behind.Just at the time when she is working so hard to bring up her adopted daughter Bonnie, Smoky is now under the most intense pressure of her career to get results. Yet the team has never been faced with such an apparently insoluble problem. Who will the next victim be? Everyone in the world has secrets. Even Smoky.

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