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The Big Thaw - Isbn:9780307415257

Category: Fiction

  • Book Title: The Big Thaw
  • ISBN 13: 9780307415257
  • ISBN 10: 0307415252
  • Author: Donald Harstad
  • Category: Fiction
  • Category (general): Fiction
  • Publisher: Bantam
  • Format & Number of pages: 416 pages, book
  • Synopsis: From the Paperback edition.

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ISBN: 1878220985 - Weather On The Air: A History Of Broadcast Meteorology - OPENISBN Project: Download Book Data

Weather On The Air: A History Of Broadcast Meteorology

From low humor to high drama, TV weather reporting has encompassed an enormous range of styles and approaches, triggering chuckles, infuriating the masses, and at times even saving lives. In Weather on the Air, meteorologist and science journalist Robert Henson covers it all—the people, technology, science, and show business that combine to deliver the weather to the public each day.

The first comprehensive history of its kind, Weather on the Air explores the many forces that have shaped weather broadcasts over the years, including the long-term drive to professionalize weathercasting, the complex relations between government and private forecasters, and the effects of climate-change science and the Internet on today’s broadcasts. Dozens of photos and anecdotes accompany Henson’s more than two decades of research to document the evolution of weathercasts, from their primitive beginnings on the radio to the high-gloss, graphics-laden segments we watch on television every morning.

This engaging study will be an invaluable tool for students of broadcast meteorology and mass communication and an entertaining read for anyone fascinated by the public face of weather.




The top 10 books on Apple s iBooks-US

The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks-US

iBook charts for week ending November 6, 2016 (Rank, Book Title by Author Name, ISBN, Publisher ):

iBooks US Bestseller List - Paid Books

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2. The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly - 9780316225953 - (Little, Brown and Company)

3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - 9780698185395 - (Penguin Publishing Group)

4. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult - 9780345544964 - (Random House Publishing Group)

5. Order to Kill by Kyle Mills & Vince Flynn - 9781476783505 - (AtriaEmily Bestler Books)

6. Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels - 9781942834205 - (BAAE Inc.)

7. Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris - 9781250121011 - (St. Martin's Press)

8. Escape Clause by John Sandford - 9780698152670 - (Penguin Publishing Group)

9. Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks - 9781455520701 - (Grand Central Publishing)

10. Mr. President by Katy Evans - 9780997263633 - (KT PUBLISHING LLC)

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The Big Thaw - National Geographic Magazine

The Big Thaw The Big Thaw It’s no surprise that a warming climate is melting the world’s glaciers and polar ice. But no one expected it to happen this fast.

By Tim Appenzeller

National Geographic staff

Photograph by James Balog

Even in better times, the Chacaltaya ski area was no competition for Aspen. Set in a bleak valley high in the Andes mountains of Bolivia, it offered a half-mile (one kilometer) swoop downhill, a precarious ride back up on a rope tow, and coca-leaf tea for altitude headaches. At 17,250 feet (5,260 meters), after all, Chacaltaya was the highest ski area in the world. “It gave us a lot of glory,” says Walter Laguna, the president of Bolivia’s mountain club. “We organized South American championships—with Chile, with Argentina, with Colombia.”

The glory days are over. Skiing at this improbable spot depended on a small glacier that made a passable ski run when Bolivia’s wet season dusted it with snow. The glacier was already shrinking when the ski area opened in 1939. But in the past decade, it’s gone into a death spiral.

By last year all that remained were three patches of gritty ice, the largest just a couple of hundred yards (200 meters) across. The rope tow traversed boulder fields. Laguna insists that skiing will go on. Perhaps the club can make artificial snow, he says; perhaps it can haul in slabs of ice to mend the glacier. But in the long run, he knows, Chacaltaya is history. “The process is irreversible. Global warming will continue.”


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The Big Thaw

A killer is placing his cross hairs over the American heartland.

The pair of frozen corpses were found under a tarp in the machine shed of an empty farmhouse. Two males -- brothers -- both killed by bullets from a Russian automatic fired at close range. The cops have a suspect: a man Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman busted five years earlier and the county's lead suspect in a series of recent robberies.

Houseman knows they have the wrong guy. He also knows they've got something bigger than a burglary gone bad. especially when the FBI starts showing up in Maitland. The brutal double homicide is just the tip of the iceberg in a case where a killer's trail keeps disappearing like footprints in freshly fallen snow, and where one bad break can send a good cop into a deep freeze.

From the Paperback edition.

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Alison Hawes - Collins Big Cat - Weather Report: Band 02a

Collins Big Cat - Weather Report: Band 02a/Red A

A non-fiction report about different types of weather over the course of a week. Photographs of each weather accompany illustrations of how people might act and dress in different weather conditions, while the repetitive pattern of text reports on each day's weather. / Red A/Band 2A books offer predictable text with familiar objects and actions, combined with simple story development. / Text type - A non-fiction report. / A summary 'Weather. devamı

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